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Unfortunately. It is, hands down, the worst experience one can ever have with Pokemon, and that includes spending hours training pokemon only to get beat by cheaters online. This thing is so poorly designed that it blows my mind. I mean, I guess its fine if you're just using it for banking X and Y pokemon, but transporting past generation pokemon is awful. You have to put pokemon in box 1 in your B/W 1/2 PC, then go to transporter app, itll move BOX ONE ONLY to the bank transport box. Then you put in your X or Y cart, boot up the bank app (theyre two different apps), and move those transport box pokemon to either your regular bank boxes or the in-game box. Once you're done with that, close the app, switch cartridges, boot up your Gen 5 game, move pokemon to the first box (this is a ONE AT A TIME move, too. they didnt have a multiple move option until either B/W 2 or gen 6), and then repeat the whole process. If you have hundreds of pokemon, especially if you played everything from Ruby and Sapphire to Black and White 2, this will take hours and you will likely contemplate never playing a pokemon game again afterward.
Default-user captainmeow
Pork said:
Wait the PS4 isn't even being sold in Japan yet? The companies home country?
Japanese gamers are smarter than American gamers. Just because something is shiny and new doesn't mean they'll buy it. The PS4's best games at launch in America were games that were available on PC's and last gen consoles. Japan needs something more than that. If they had put it out in Japan last fall, it would for sure have bombed and scared investors, something Sony really can't afford.
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