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Gypse said:
Well they were kinda mean spirited
Kotaku sayignt hey were mean didn't help their case. I bet thousands of people QQ'd
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glucose said:
this game is actually pretty hard.
With the Vita controls...but with the PS4's....
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:( pre-loading is so handy tho
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Realignment of resources or did the last GoW do so poorly that they are looking for a new team?
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loveless said:
How will I not spend an ungodly amount of money tomorrow??
Same boat. :( I thought I liked money.
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Mushishi said:
I'm not sure how I feel about this.
You should feel good, wary but good.
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stay crunchy said:
Feels like Outlast.
Well yeah, they traded a camera for a phone.
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Enabler said:
Stop Listening...but how do you wake it up after that? Xbox Resume listening? if that's the case then it's eavesdropping .
@SteveO If it's waiting for the word Xbox...then isn't it always listening and waiting?
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