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Dont_panic Camille Lake
What....Because the other 3 games before this one WERE mature? Look, everyone knows Cliff B. likes to run his mouth. And that's....fine. Whatever. But he can't jump in to this series -- so obviously at game 4 -- then claim that it's beneath him because it's "so immature." Dude, come on. SR was immature at game 1. It sure as hell was immature by game 2. And no offense to Cliffy, but I don't see Gears of War 1, 2, or 3 winning any awards for best writing or best character development. However, those who play Gears of War seem to like it well enough. And I don't think it's because of the heart warming story and true to life characters, do you?
Dont_panic Camille Lake
Love "Tales of...." I hope it's better then "Graces f", which was kind of weak by the end.
Dont_panic Camille Lake
Really? What because there isn't already enough advertisement blaring in my face already? Because I'm not paying $60 bucks per-game already? Because there aren't ads inside each game as we play ALREADY?! Yeah, I don't care what excuses (fanboys or whoever) make shouting "AYE" for this bullshit. NO!! PERIOD!

Sorry, but you don't get to have ad revenue, and charge $60 bucks per game, AND remove backwards compatibility, AND bog down the system with 4 mandatory updates per month, AND spy on me, AND force me to agree to your bullshit ELUA. Completely changing a $500 system from the one I original bought. NO!

Enough is a fucking, enough! You can put ads on the pause menu -- when the game is FREE and the system is $50 bucks.
Dont_panic Camille Lake
I love your videos. I also love the cute stuffed moggle behind you in the video. Very cool.
Dont_panic Camille Lake
I love JRPG's so I'm going to agree with you. I didn't hate Skyrim. It was ok. I started it, and I'm sure I'll go back to it soon enough. Skyrim is brown, grey, ugly to look at, and the controls were a little off. While most JRPG's are beautiful.

All in all, Skyrim is alright, I guess. I'm glad it sold well, that's for damn sure. I bought a copy. But with a new Tales game coming out, I doubt I'll get back to Skyrim anytime soon.
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