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Default-user calskie
glucose said:
this game is actually pretty hard.
Default-user calskie
omg that was so funny and awkward.
Default-user calskie
fraggadier said:
uh hey Sony, Teach MS how to do sales. Thanks.
They'll never learn. smh.
Default-user calskie
Daggy Waggy said:
They probably want into this knowing there would have to be some price cuts. Maybe not where they would be needed or how, but they knew.
No way. It wasn't planned. They saw they were under preforming in the UK and tried to fix it. This is how they chose to fix it.
Default-user calskie
No it wasn't planned they just needed to hit their quota.
Default-user calskie
This is an awesome promotion I'd totally buy it if this is real
Default-user calskie
Sooo happy they are making more horror games! 2014 is the year of GOOD horror games (I hope)
Default-user calskie
I don't think I actually got any games in January sooo I can't say that I helped.
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