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Default-user Caitdyn
I would like to hear from the gamezone staff what their theories are on why the vita isn't selling well.
Default-user Caitdyn
Although I see where they are coming from, I really think its debatable whether PETA should be wasting their time speaking out against animal torture in video games because I know they think they are educating people but they really are not saving any real world animals. Are they going to go after the slaying of animals by animals in the PS3 survivalist game "Tokyo Jungle" since you are the one killing the animals in the game? In my opinion they should allocate all of their man labor to saving real animals as whale slaying in the Nordic countries is still a real world problem.
Default-user Caitdyn
Yesssss this game looks awesome! Right up my alley. Cute cheerleader kicking zombie ass with a badass chainsaw. Love it. Awesome that you guys got a pic with Jessica Nigri cosplaying as Juliet!
Default-user Caitdyn
This MMO seems to be the one I'm most excited for. I really love the ability to be able to play it similarly to an action game and I'm glad that the doubt about the difficulty of the instances and boss levels were cleared up as that was something that was giving me doubt about how good TERA would really be in the long run. I'm really looking forward to its official release!
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