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Default-user Bryan Moore
Naomi10 said:
The game industry is rotten to the core, the pessimism is well earned. Reviewers get paid off by publishers to give high ratings which have screwed...
We don't want these developers to go out of business. We want them to do what we all know they can and start making fantastic games like they used to. The gaming industry has become greedy and lazy, all I want them to do is get back up and prove us all wrong.
Default-user Bryan Moore
Bill Carter said:
Jake, you did not ask why gamers increasingly are negative. Just assumed we just are based off internet comments? Seems little light in the...
But Jake... if you're going to assume we're a bunch of petulant whiners shouldn't we have the right to assume you've actually bothered to look into why we're angry? I was personally insulted by this article. At the end of ME3 I felt like I had lost a daughter that I had raised and watched become strong only to see her ripped away in a manner so cheap that I cried. I have every right to be upset and so does everyone else. I will give the new one a shot but I'm not optimistic at all.
Default-user Bryan Moore
Gamers are bitter because the industry has taken the same turn as the film industry. Developers have been absorbed by bigger companies that want money more than quality stories and characters. As the industry falls into just churning out games for the sake of it the fans will become skeptical and jaded. How dare you try to demonize people just because they are expressing a feeling of betrayal by a company they grew to love.
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