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Default-user Bronies
Has anything come of this yet?
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Papa & Yo is kinda painful to play but so worth it.
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Enona said:
The mediocre AC game. If it were like 8-10 I'd consider it but not for 14.
You kidding me? This game was great IMO.
Default-user Bronies
It's cartoony and not all at once...interesting art. I wonder what fps it runs at.
Default-user Bronies
Lolita said:
Local co-op is the way to go. It brings people together the way games used to!
Oh god no. Anything but that
Default-user Bronies
Ahh I still want to hear more about this game I was shown off to look so cool.
Default-user Bronies
Welp. Dropping the ball MS. Droppin' the ball.
Default-user Bronies
Supermarket Jesus said:
How many people will sell their souls to this?
None. It's not good enough for that.
Default-user Bronies
TurbineXX said:
I want that new vehicle!
I want to know too!
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