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Apologies for the couple of typos below. Another thing I'd like to see fixed in next year's game is a better step towards realistic matchups. They almost fixed it this year, but just as an example: Danny Woodhead (as much as I like him) should not be able to break tackles from Terrell Suggs, Daryl Smith & Matt Elam all on the same play. I think Sizzle might have a lil somethin somethin to say about that, don't you?
Default-user BrokenSporks
1) The free agency ratings thing is ridiculous agreed. Please bring back Madden 07 type player menus where in whatever screen you were looking at you could select to view all of a players ratings/stats/etc. 2) New announcers would be great, Madden/Summerall is impossible, Pat has unfortunately passed away but Tirico/Gruden would be awesome. 3) What happened to Pro Bowl voting previews in Week 9? I'm in week 11 and Pro Bowl selections is still grayed out and locked. 4) DEFENSIVE ASSIGNMENTS. Every year since this feature was removed I see dozens upon dozens of posts asking for this back and yet EA Sports has never stepped up to the plate. Honestly this is probably the second most thing I've seen asked for every single year and still nothing. Having your LB man up against Calvin Johnson is just idiotic. How about at least some sort of meaningful AI choice where is the RB is split out wide and a WR is in the slot the LB slides out to cover the RB instead of the WR?
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