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Default-user Brittany Ransom
It's not terrible, it's just not great. I'm not really into FPS games but my interest is in how this ads to Meryl and Darryls storyline and whether it ties into the show at all. I don't think story wise it can top Telltales game, but for all the dudebros into just mindlessly killing shit there's loads of zombies to slive. Over on youtube I just watched a youtube gamer play 30 minutes of it (TheRadBrad). The graphics aren't the best. Seems like a bit of a rush job to be honest but there's some interesting game play. Stealth kills seem to be the best, more than 2 or 3 zombies and you're almost always dead. 1 bite means you die. There's some level of resource conservation and you can also task your team with hunting for food\ammo\weapons\gas while you go about your business. You also get some choice when it comes to which path to take on the road to find Meryl Dixon.
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