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Default-user BringMeCake
I want to hear what people think of this game after they play it. It looks good but you never know with horror games.
Default-user BringMeCake
MoMo said:
Ok they don't specify which Xbox. Idiots.
They probably want to add up the sales on both consoles to look like it sold phenomenally well
Default-user BringMeCake
Occasional Z said:
Was it unfinished or was it needed to be refined??
Probably both. I mean they said it needed to reach expectations. That means it wasn't currently meeting expectations.
Default-user BringMeCake
No Good said:
Well this is underwhelming
Quite. Thought it would be something better (and free-er)
Default-user BringMeCake
esrb said:
Finally written in a way I understand.
Default-user BringMeCake
InfinityBlade said:
So they don't want to think that the two things are can't work without eachother? I mean people should know that they aren't stuck together.
There are lots of stupid people out there.
Default-user BringMeCake
I'm one of the people that was worried about the direction of the game and whether it will feel like an Elder Scrolls game. You've lifted some of my doubts but I need to hear more before I can believe it!
Default-user BringMeCake
Ready P1 said:
These PS+ games are so much better than the previous ones. I was ready for them to change them out 2 days after they released them.
Anything with Outlast and BioShock will be better.
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