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Default-user BringMeCake
Can't wait to see how this game is.
Default-user BringMeCake
Well now I'll never play the actual game. I'll just design houses.
Default-user BringMeCake
Yeah they will support it, till they realize that no one is buying the stupid kinect games. Then poof there goes the support.
Default-user BringMeCake
Enona said:
The mediocre AC game. If it were like 8-10 I'd consider it but not for 14.
It was only a filler game but Aveline was a great character
Default-user BringMeCake
So it's not on the website but its happening. OK.
Default-user BringMeCake
So I'm totally getting the Dig Delux!
Default-user BringMeCake
I want to hear what people think of this game after they play it. It looks good but you never know with horror games.
Default-user BringMeCake
MoMo said:
Ok they don't specify which Xbox. Idiots.
They probably want to add up the sales on both consoles to look like it sold phenomenally well
Default-user BringMeCake
Occasional Z said:
Was it unfinished or was it needed to be refined??
Probably both. I mean they said it needed to reach expectations. That means it wasn't currently meeting expectations.
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