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last said: "Excited to get my hands on Dead Space 3 this week. Necromorphs, you going down!"

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created The Cosplay of PAX East 2014 - Day Two
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created The Cosplay of PAX East 2014 - Day One
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yomomma said:
great article
Thank you!
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Heavenshitman said:
Glad I'm not the only one that feels AC4 is drivel. I bought AC4, first I ever played in the series, and the game has utterly uninspired me and...
I wouldn't go so far as to say every AC game is bad. I really appreciated Ezio's storyline. I feel like once it got to AC 3, though, it was too much for me.
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fucki said:
bitch bitch bitch... its a game, take it for what it is.
Thanks, appreciate it! Last time I checked, however, I was a dudette :P
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created Assassin's Creed 4: I’m on a boat... and it sucks
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Everything on this list is sound, except for the final suggestion. Basically you're suggesting that someone waste $33 on a game that is a prime example of everything that is wrong with modern game design. I would just pay the extra 30 bucks to play an amazing, open world game that allows you to actually explore a beautifully-rendered world and fight how you wanna fight. Also GTAV is at least 10x longer in gameplay so you get more for your buck.
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Fred Durst said:
u all hatin on activision cuz u cant $tand call of duty. its walking dead u cant me$$ it up. fuckin hater$. game look$ fine wit dat cro$$bow n nife
This game is pretty bad. Not gonna lie.
Images__1_ Brianna Peterson
Muerte Roja said:
Some of it he has a point. The environments in MGR are quite dull, MGR does a terrible job of explaining its complicated controls and you can...
If you read the Metal Gear Wiki, it says regarding Mistral that " The trauma of her service as a child soldier appears to have instilled in her a depraved sexual objectification of war; her pre-battle transformation contains the subtext of a seeming orgasm." If you didn't see anything sexual about her, then you obviously were too busy button-mashing or not getting any of the symbolism throughout the game.
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BinarySpirit said:
How in God's name are DmC and MGR the same game? They're both different games, for crying out loud! Sure, they're both hack n' slash games. But...
Call of Duty isn't better than Halo. Just sayin'.
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