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last said: "Excited to get my hands on Dead Space 3 this week. Necromorphs, you going down!"

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created Gods Have Stopped Watching, thanks to a bunch of whiners
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created The Cosplay of PAX East 2014 - Day Two
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created The Cosplay of PAX East 2014 - Day One
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yomomma said:
great article
Thank you!
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Heavenshitman said:
Glad I'm not the only one that feels AC4 is drivel. I bought AC4, first I ever played in the series, and the game has utterly uninspired me and...
I wouldn't go so far as to say every AC game is bad. I really appreciated Ezio's storyline. I feel like once it got to AC 3, though, it was too much for me.
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fucki said:
bitch bitch bitch... its a game, take it for what it is.
Thanks, appreciate it! Last time I checked, however, I was a dudette :P
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created Assassin's Creed 4: I’m on a boat... and it sucks
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Everything on this list is sound, except for the final suggestion. Basically you're suggesting that someone waste $33 on a game that is a prime example of everything that is wrong with modern game design. I would just pay the extra 30 bucks to play an amazing, open world game that allows you to actually explore a beautifully-rendered world and fight how you wanna fight. Also GTAV is at least 10x longer in gameplay so you get more for your buck.
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Fred Durst said:
u all hatin on activision cuz u cant $tand call of duty. its walking dead u cant me$$ it up. fuckin hater$. game look$ fine wit dat cro$$bow n nife
This game is pretty bad. Not gonna lie.
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Muerte Roja said:
Some of it he has a point. The environments in MGR are quite dull, MGR does a terrible job of explaining its complicated controls and you can...
If you read the Metal Gear Wiki, it says regarding Mistral that " The trauma of her service as a child soldier appears to have instilled in her a depraved sexual objectification of war; her pre-battle transformation contains the subtext of a seeming orgasm." If you didn't see anything sexual about her, then you obviously were too busy button-mashing or not getting any of the symbolism throughout the game.
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