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what scares the $h!t out of me is the kenect being always on and able to see in the dark and hear every thing. its a bit orwellian i mean look at the outcry about airport scanners kenect looks about the same resoultion in demos. and xbox checks in once a day how do we know what its sending or if privicy setings turn it off or just the lamp that says it off. plus law enforcment is gonna want in they are having a wet dream right now about this. the possible abuses here are endless. what data about our tv watching is MS going to sell to 3rd partys about our watching paterns or how we react to shows or ads are we gonna have to put up with targeted ads on tv now like on the web which i find so anoying. sorry ms you can keep your spybox one hopfully sony has brains i will buy one if so see ya xbox.
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