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Default-user Bombalomba
Frog in a hat said:
Go Pro's are so awesome, their video capabilities and the stuff people create with them are great. IDK what value there is to uploading to the 360...
Some videos are great some aren't, but I'm happy to watch videos either way on the 360.
Default-user Bombalomba
People already streamed their Xbox 360's constantly so of course the trend would keep on with the Xbox One... This isn't too much of a surprise.
Default-user Bombalomba
crapdactyl said:
Yes yes yes USB saves!!! YESSS
It's not what you think it is.
Default-user Bombalomba
Nix said:
500GB + my USB? I should be good for a while!
Wait no dude it's only for video clips not games.
Default-user Bombalomba
Then it will outsell the PS4?
Default-user Bombalomba
If only it was Russia instead of Germany, Putin's face would be great.
Default-user Bombalomba
Poor PS4, sells great everywhere but no one wants it in its home town.
Default-user Bombalomba
Sucks for those guys in Europe. I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on this.
Default-user Bombalomba
Don't really know if I'm excited for this anymore...
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