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Maybe give us a choice of 5 different origins.... 1. Guild member 2. Pirate or Mercinary only in it for the gold!!!! 3. Child of a Duke (soon to succeed him) looking for adventure.. 4. A prisoner who's just escaped and hopes for a better life?? 5. A child who grew up in poverty or has dealt with heartache.. Let us sail a ship along the coast line as the pirate (a means of transportation??) Have a carraige take us there ( with different cosmetic appearances depending on our origins).. A horse to ride.. For the hero!! Or a robber!! Robbing carriages along the road as a mini game?? (A unique way for the ex con or merc to make his/her fortune..) let us decide what our spouses and children wear!! (Kids in rags living in castle fairfax.. Fable 3) give us reason to write a letter with quill and ink.. (To finish a mission without all the travel) .. (Each character origin would have a different writing style aswell)
Default-user BlondeAmbition93
As a female gamer who is easily annoyed by cosmetic details I have both praise and criticism for fable 3... I loved the npc interaction and a talking character!!! It felt a lot more personal!! ^_^ The Victorian inspired clothing designs were nice.. But the lack of dyes and variants let me down a bit.. :( A floor length bustle gown would've been nice... Fable 4??? Give us Elizabethan inspired clothing choices in a prequel to fable 1.. .. More clothes aswell!! A huge selection!! Maybe allow the hero to build his or her own castle or Mansion as a duke or duchess... Maybe let us choose our path?? Start as a pauper or noble.. Two different stories.. One focused on diplomacy and way of the wealthy.. And one where you claw your way to fame by slaying great beasts!! Maybe with online play the huge muscly pauper hero player saves the dainty duchess of bright wall from a troll... Better tattoo's for those who want some ink... No magic gauntlets!!! And please allow us to equip and un-equip weapons of our choosing.. Nothing broke immersion more for me than a gauntlet covering my queens fine silk gloves while she had a rifle and sword strapped to her... Melee combat?? So players can get into bar fights with one another??? My suggestions.... I loved taking control of Albion.. Making decisions, big and small.. As a duke or duchess you could fortify your town.. Or increase rent... Stuff like that... Please don't disappoint us!!! My biggest desire for fable 4?? Let us unequip weapons!!!
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