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Default-user Blockade
How do you get into the beta?
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Oh this is pretty great. I love it when the police show up
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Hypnotic Perspective said:
Wtf? What happened that it won't release on the Xbox One? It's still coming to the 360 so it's not like they had a tiff with the company.
Maybe they ran into design problems or it wasn't going to look good enough??
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Disney owning Marvel is still a mind fuck to me.
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White Whale said:
What if....the preorders are high cause the PS4 doesn't have many games and people want the one game it has.
You might be on to something...
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Mushishi said:
Do I foresee GOTY?
Who knows, just cause it sells well doesn't mean it will be good.
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Nink said:
Why hasn't the Wii U got any DLC since Black Ops 2? I don't have a Wii U but this seems extremely unfair.
They shouldn't have brought Ghosts to the Wii U if they didn't plan on supporting it.
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Cthuluxx said:
I feel like that title is kind of dirty...or maybe my minds in the gutter? Anyway getting this as soon as PSN updates
Yeah they are fixing a problem for Season Pass people
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