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Jake, you did not ask why gamers increasingly are negative. Just assumed we just are based off internet comments? Seems little light in the investigation aspect bro. No doubt one reason is many still stewing over ME3 endings. Bioware/EA (whatever) paid a heavy price with the endings given, Does not matter if the gaming media are tired of hearing about it . . . it is there. Another reason is paying for more content but not delivering on a constant basis good/solid content. ME3 had Day 1 DLC a bit messed up again there. A big portion of the users liked the Omega seen but the DLC was flat . . . disappointed a lot of fans. At some point you realize you are being treated like a cash cow and i think customers are reasonably not happy. Were some unreasonable in their acceptance of the teasers, Yes. Is a major reason because of the points I made above, Yes. Is that right to show it without any regard, No. However, has Bioware/EA negatively influenced this environment by their own decision making, Yes.
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