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Default-user BHologram
Cannot wait for this. I'm at max level and need some more fun!
Default-user BHologram
DaGrey said:
Surprise. The PS4 only has indie games.
There are bigger games on it but I know what you mean. It's indie dense.
Default-user BHologram
I was so excited for this. I still am. I would be MORE excited if it was coming to the PC.
Default-user BHologram
They probably won't say anything, just delay the game again so they can bring it to all consoles.
Default-user BHologram
Yeah but...what did it mess up?
Default-user BHologram
Hot Pockets wasn't enough for him, he needed to get on Rayman Legends.
Default-user BHologram
Ok, is it just me here or does someone else think that these features should already be DLed onto the PS4 by time we buy it??
Default-user BHologram
Red Flag said:
Dammit Sony and Microsoft are even paying the President to raise awareness about them.
Lol they are putting out the big bucks to get them him and all of congress in on selling it!
Default-user BHologram
The OG said:
Their videos are so funny
Yeah I actually look forward to them
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