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Default-user Beverly Sullivan
First and foremost, Yoville is the most unique game in the whole world. The moves, the creativity, the friendship developments and all the different things that you can do there. It is the best game in the world, that is why it became an "International Community". People who would have never played a game, found this game the best in the world. Sadly now, rather than improve, fix and put more time and effort in this game, Zynga rather jump ship and make a new improved game that will keep them at the top of the line in money making because it will put them at the top of the line if they can figure out how to make this game meet the new technology demands. Zynga has purposely killed Yoville, slowly by slowly, causing people to leave, get discouraged and keeping them from visiting new found friends in many different countries, not just the USA. The greatest and most significant hurt to all of this, Yoville is no longer a "game" but an international community where people have become very emotionally involved for their own sakes or others. Yoville was a place you could live your dreams, be who you always wanted to be, you could look as pretty or handsome as you wanted, own as much stuff as you wanted, have as many pets as you wanted AND have uncountable of friends or no friends at all. It became a place where people could become very creative and build their self-esteem. It also, healed many people who were really hurting in 2009 and 2010, myself, being one of them. It became a refuge for all kinds of people and now emotionally and mentally they are all falling apart about their loss. This loss has a lot to do with the creativity that has been placed into their places they have owned. The pay off, is such an insult to being a loyal player, it is not even funny. I wouldn't and never did want to play the games they are offering. You can not pay off emotions, passion, love and friendships. Zynga has may the most cold-hearted decision in the "whole world". They are hurting so many people and they have may it so that they thought it would be easy by getting people to give up and leave because of the neglect, the lack of attention and closing down things in Yoville. They knew people would get fed up and leave. This is a mental and emotional train wreck for all the players who really have infested love, passion, relationships, energy and maybe, money into their community. WE AREN'T SOME NUT CASES, we became attached to the pets, the places and the "buddies" we made. We stayed in awe when we could do so much and be in some many places. They took the game out of Yoville, and made it a living, international community and a tight one at that. This girl is experiencing the same thing that thousands of people are experiencing ALL ACROSS THE WORLD. Zynga is getting away with murdering a community, we don't care about their other crappy games that are nothing but stupid time taking games with no emotions, no personal interactions and we don't want our stuff taken from us. I agree, clean Yoville up and take out all the "no available junk" and let us continue to visit, go fishing, go to the casino, go race and best of all shop and be creative with what we can use. You are right, it is all about the stinking money and they are totally heartless. They have tons of face moving, up to date games for all the new technology that they could write Yoville off as their charity case and make it a donation for their taxes for all the money they have already made and are making from the tons of games they have. Cold, cruel and stone cold to lie and make people believe that they were going to keep it going and then not give a care in the world how many and how they are hurting. No one wants their payoff, it isn't even a fair offer and there isn't one. This girl is only brave enough to show you what many of us are feeling.
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