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Default-user Benjamin Fornataro
Moses D. said:
Great tips! I'm addicted to Wonder Trade to the extent that I have boxes filled with duplicate Poke'mon that I intend to trade with. Every time I...
That's really generous, first time I used it I traded out recently hatched Torchics with the Speed Boost ability since I thought it'd be nice if some people haven't heard about the event, most of the time I received junk, but I've got a Squirtle (I chose Charmander so didn't have one) and also a Fennekin (chose Froakie), so now I've got 5 of the starters, hopefully I can find some more!
Default-user Benjamin Fornataro
dem beats said:
Annnnd who is surprised by this?
Jerry14u, my neighbor's aunt says "Shut the fuck up you spamming piece of shit!" :)
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