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Massive number of news articles now highlighting COD Ghosts is only 720p on the Xbox ONE. As someone who will be buying the ONE on launch day, it's not really brilliant timing (neither the fact that BF4 is less res on the xbox ONE than the ps4). This news could potentially cost MS tens of thousands of console sales at launch. Just can't believe that an exec from Infinity Ward would be that politically stupid. I'll be getting Forza 5, which I'm interested in. As for Ghosts, which I was probably going to buy, well... now I'm going to wait a few months for the price to drop - they're not coding it to 1080p, then I'm not buying it at full price, if at all! My expectation is that game devs can get 1080p 60fps from consoles that are 10 times as powerful as the xbox360\ps3, period. If not, I'll buy the games that can (case in point - Foza 5).
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