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Default-user Banty Red
lolrenee said:
@BantyRed Cool guy over here, instantly throwing out the "you're gay" card. I suppose it never occurred to you that I'm a woman. Of course not, I'm...
Well if that's how you spend your free time be my guest, kinda hard to use the controller then huh? But then again you're right, because I can totally see your gender from you know, way over here behind my computer screen with you way over where you are behind your computer screen. I mean jeez, you make it sound like I made an obvious mistake. But now it just looks like you're jealous of the insanely attractive playboy model/gamer. And rightfully so! I mean just look at her! Gorgeous! And so what if she displays herself. What does she have to hide? She's brave enough to not give a fuck, and she's making money off of it too. Hell all she's doing is taking advantage of what she has. Some of us are computer hackers, others are beautiful women who know how to take advantage of it.
Default-user Banty Red
WallenM said:
Wow! people are hating sooo hard on herl, poor girl! Shes a sexy girl who likes video games! thats it. nothing more i dont understand why you bring...
Right? Some people.
Default-user Banty Red
lolrenee said:
@BantyRed If you actually find the whole, "I am uselessly dumb and the only way I can support myself is to display my tits for the entire world to...
Hey there I see you're putting words in my mouth. If you can't appreciate physically attractive women then that's your problem. Did I say that's my idea of a trophy wife? No, I didn't. If you actually find the "hot chick" thing bad then I'm sorry, you might be gay. It's cool bro, a lot of people are these days and we'll still accept you for who you are. Do I find her sexy? Yes. Do I find her thought process appealing? Not really, it's not exactly relationship material. But you do not appreciate a painting for why it was painted. You appreciate art for being appealing to your senses. Which is simply what I'm doing, admiring art. Don't tell me you've never seen a woman and gone "damn, she be hot." Or a guy, if that's what you're into. Either way, natural human instinct bro, get over it.
Default-user Banty Red
Mike531 said:
Listen up, slut. There isn't a single member of the male species that calls themselves a "gamer guy." And on that note, girls who call themselves...
Whoa calm down their broski. Obviously you've had too much alone time. You're right, we call ourselves gamers because we assume that we're male. So I'm not surprised to hear someone distinguish themselves via their gender. And I don't think it comes down to being a "respectable gamer" because lets face it, no one is lining up to get our autographs. But you know what? Call me a false gamer or what ever, but this guy? This guy likes hot women. That's just my thing. I don't know about your thing but my thing is hot women. So I can't complain. So... I guess grow up is what I'm trying to say.
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