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Default-user BaDoink
Might be time to get Rayman Legends!
Default-user BaDoink
This game is a lot of fun I didn't think it would be but it is.
Default-user BaDoink
Nix said:
Equal representation on all consoles!
No taxation before representation! haha
Default-user BaDoink
BaconRenewal said:
I hope they feel bad :)
They do.
Default-user BaDoink
Yeah this was really fun to experience firsthand.
Default-user BaDoink
I've been waiting for this!! I'm so excited!
Default-user BaDoink
Woah wait why do PS4 players not have to pay for Plus but Xbox One players have to pay for Live??
Default-user BaDoink
Norman Reed said:
Yeah preload it then not play it for a week cause of servers being bogged down by returning players.
ugh god remember when it was first released? That won't happen again right??
Default-user BaDoink
Not at the moment means sometime in the future tho right? I'd like to see some split screen!
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