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TwoTonTesla said:
So... is this going to be Heavy Rain esque?
So wait, are we all watching or playing this game?
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MonkeyPants said:
This whole Epsilon Program thing is pretty damn hilarious
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My god, such a sexy game. LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY BABY!
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SantaXcloP said:
Tjhat would be pretty surprising. Especially considering the games come out Holiday season which is also the release date of...GASP...the PS4
Could possibly do something like the Wii U, come out with the PS4 version after the initial ones released. We still don't know the official release date for either of these things
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I have it on the Vita, but thanks to the PS Plus deal. That said, I also have it on Steam =D
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Tate Steinlage said:
Makes perfect sense, actually. Almost everyone's favorite part of AC3 was sailing the seas. Why not roll with that in a new setting?
Sailing was awesome, but I just expected a little more from IV. I was still holding out for Fuedal Japan
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