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Default-user Azuranic
It's probably worth it to go big on the RP purchase just for the sake of extra points.
Default-user Azuranic
50$ sub + a 60$ game? 110 worth of BF4 and you get those maps?? I want some kind of special gear for that price.
Default-user Azuranic
Ok so I can't have an external hard drive on the PS4 but the games are coming with a mandatory install that will only allow me to have, what, 10 games? That is a crock of shit imho. 500gb on a next-gen console is laughable considering the room these games are taking up.
Default-user Azuranic
WeepingBell said:
so that 500gb is gonna go fast. 10 games and it's full!
I never thought of it like that D:
Default-user Azuranic
Intel doesn't know shit about gta.
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