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Default-user Aye Govna
Yes plz update the Vita version!
Default-user Aye Govna
Dec67 said:
I hope this game is as good as it looks.
It better be or else the PS4 is gonna have hell
Default-user Aye Govna
I tried DLing it asap but it kept saying that it wasn't free. Glad I'm not the only one feeling the burn of the mess up.
Default-user Aye Govna
This cast is probably what made the monthly sub fees?
Default-user Aye Govna
I think people will buy a port for Tomb Raider. Especially if it comes with the pretty hair that broke computers.
Default-user Aye Govna
Linkonlogs said:
I'm so excited for this game! I love Smash bros. I hope it's like brawl.
Brawl was so good. Too bad I don't own a Wii U cause I want this game
Default-user Aye Govna
Fly Boy said:
This is dumb. Everything social that the PS4 does, the Xbox One will do also and probably better
Yeah it's weird that he says the sports games were built on the playstation...even if he means the community it doesn't make sense! I think he's just looking for something nice to say.
Default-user Aye Govna
crapdactyl said:
Wires. Box. Headset. Smaller box. Bam that's what you get.
Such as it is for everything
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