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Default-user axsinisterxomen
Kingrat said:
I'm glad I have both of these consoles, there's no way I'm missing out on any of these.
Two games on here PvZ Garden Warfare and Fable Anniversary you can only play on Xbox 360. So 360 owners can play all the games on the list, PS3 owners can play 6 of them. Either way I agree good to keep your old console as long as they still support them and make games for them.
Default-user axsinisterxomen
GetReelProductions said:
It's Dead Island apparently, come on Microsoft Pull your finger out we want good games!
I seen that also. I am hoping it is not Dead Island, not a bad game but again most ppl that wanted to play it already have. And im one of those that has already played it lol. PS+ gets Metro: Last Light, Remember Me, and already had Bioshock Infinite. All 2013 games. We get games that are 2 to 3 years old at the newest and 6 to 7 as the oldest. And we pay more for LIVE to essentially do the exact same thing as PS+ members do which is play online. Microsoft is already behind and they don't see it. If Sony can court high end studios and work out deals to give away new AAA titles for their IGC program why cant Microsoft ( who is worth 2x to 3x more than Sony ) afford to do the same kindness for their loyal members? ""But with LIVE you get to keep the games even if your membership expires"" who cares I play a rpg or single player game 2x max and never play it again unless its a online fps. And I don't usually let my membership expire because I play online with friends. I would much rather just keep my subscription up to date and have cool games like Bioshock infinite or Metro LL, Than have ancient arcade titles and old classic games ive played already forever. Does anyone at Microsoft even pay attention to their main competitor Sony???
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