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Default-user Avery
I like the first policy bettter. I was always for the Xbox one from the beginning. I as excited for the new family share policy. But that had to be remove because of complaining people and ps4 fanboys. Xbox one was innovating the gaming community which I could appreciate. That's what made it unique. But because people could not deal with change, Xbox one had to change their policy altogether. This may not be a bad thing, but it's not a good thing either. I'm mean at what cost did complaining bring? Nothing but a new Xbox with new parts and missing key features.
Default-user Avery
I love the Xbox one. I'm mad at all you bitching people on the Internet talking about how the Xbox one policy sucks. What Microsoft is doing is innovating the gaming community. Now, thanks to alot these bitching gamers, some of te features that made Xbox one unique is gone. The sharing with 10 friend or family member is gone. Having the digital library connected to your account is gone. This is what happening when bitching gamers and ps4 fags start complaining. Now we only have upgraded hardware. Sharing your with 10 friends online at anytime is what mad it quite unique. But a lot of people are to scared of change. I'm still getting it but what you bitching gamers And ps4 fanboys did was wrong
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