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Default-user Augie D
Why is that guy getting celebrated for having 25 million subscribers. Why does he matter?
Default-user Augie D
Malooka said:
I trust nothing now. I think all of this will be downgraded!
They probably will
Default-user Augie D
This game is a lot a lot of fun but dammit conserve your ammo.
Default-user Augie D
I'd get it on the PC because of the res. TBH.
Default-user Augie D
This went from launch game to ONE YEAR LATER.
Default-user Augie D
Polizi said:
Cant wait cant wait cant wait to see what I break!
I heard it was easier
Default-user Augie D
CatsInTheWind said:
And it will still be the same game with better graphics and stolen scenes.
Man that was so lame of them to use the same scene in Ghosts lol
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