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Default-user ashlee
Oh, I had no idea my female multiplayer character had a speaking role or part in this story, excuse me and everyone else for ever asking the question. What's the point of playing a woman just to play as a woman (or man for that matter). It will always be about the story behind the characters. I love Rockstar and all they do, I'm just putting these comments out there so they see there's a demand for it. Also "maybe if R* found a female criminal archetype worth writing about, they would have."?? Your ignorance is showing.
Default-user ashlee
Jeebus, the fact that you think this is a meaningless issue is why we need more women in these kind of video games. I'm all for the insanity and mokery and hookers this game entails, but it'd be nice if one of the THREE playable characters were a bad ass chick.
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