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Default-user Ashe
That's like 1 hour of gameplay. I wish I was at PAX and had been able to play this.
Default-user Ashe
Oroburos said:
Honestly Ill do almost every side mission. More side missions is a plus to me.
Yeah but more side missions over story? Story must be short.
Default-user Ashe
Is Fatal Frame on PS Now? How old of games are they streaming??
Default-user Ashe
You should say that the private matches are still in beta. Bugs, man. Bugs.
Default-user Ashe
Titanfall, DarkSouls, and Stick of Truth! Gonna be so good!
Default-user Ashe
Well of course, they marketed themselves as a home entertainment console. It actually isn't a surprise really. It IS a good entertainment console if you use all of its features.
Default-user Ashe
SugarSoul said:
I'd do it too if I could!
Yeah same lolol
Default-user Ashe
Juggly said:
Fuck yeah! Tomb Raider!
They're doing a great job with PS Plus.
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