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Makes sense. They came out with the PS2 being an amazing console and their arrogance made the PS3 a ripe turd. It was literally useless beyond it's exclusive titles, and even a lot of those are overrated. They're already in full on "we're better than everyone" mode while they have the worst library of games, the least features, will continue to have the least features, and will always have bad storage options. It can be a great machine, but they really need to start pushing something beyond this pathetic "slightly better frames on our machine" crap. The 360 did that last gen and that was not a reason to own it. It needs exclusives and it won't have any mega hit titles until Uncharted, unfortunately. Microsoft beat em to the punch, oddly enough. After 4 years of making the 360 devoid of any decent exclusive content I'm shocked they managed to make the Xbox One a better place for exclusives over the competition (with the exception of the Wii U). It's sad Sony has to play the "I'm better than you" card at every event, they can't keep up with anything else beyond it's very small power gap (which is roughly the same as the PS3/360, which was practically useless). I hope things change for them quick. Being a right fighter while you go bankrupt is the dumbest thing you could do.
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