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Default-user Arberia
How does this happen!?
Default-user Arberia
Nidhoqueen said:
I've always wanted to go but the tickets are so expensive!
Depends on how invested you are in their games right?
Default-user Arberia
Enona said:
Photo mode. So i can take photos? That's it?
Well...yeah it's photo mode. What do you expect
Default-user Arberia
Bombalomba said:
People already streamed their Xbox 360's constantly so of course the trend would keep on with the Xbox One... This isn't too much of a surprise.
Beating the PS4, that's what make it news!
Default-user Arberia
Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition - $10 off - now $49.99 NOT WORTH IT.
Default-user Arberia
Oh oh maybe it was because people were so mad they were threatening him because the game was too hard?
Default-user Arberia
Tax return money will be well spent today. (I haven't got it yet, but I know what I'm getting so it makes sense, right?)
Default-user Arberia
Did they keep all the work they've done backed up on a server somewhere? (can you even do that?) Or did they lose everything they worked up so far??
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