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Default-user Anonon
Kidz with guns said:
Soooo is it ever coming out??
In the distant future.
Default-user Anonon
Sho Shibe said:
Wouldn't mind a new view! Hope this happens!
Yeah and playing as Handsome Jack would be great.
Default-user Anonon
I'd bid on this but I cannot afford it even if I tried.
Default-user Anonon
Crew head to head is gonna be awesome!
Default-user Anonon
So is the Xbox One's launch better than the PS4's in general?
Default-user Anonon
And to think someone stayed home to play on their PS4 today and they just became bad luck Brian.
Default-user Anonon
Right in me shivers said:
Wow what else Xbox? What else?
Devs don't know how to push the limits on the new consoles yet give em time
Default-user Anonon
I wonder how many people are using these cheats?
Default-user Anonon
Yonkey said:
Hey it was an OK idea. Steam is probably going to take it far!
Or not take it anywhere when people complain about not being able to be simultaneously on it.
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