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We all have out own stories playing Yoville..there is NO other game like it!! This is such an unique is my little story.. Ode to YoVille By **TRiNi** YDAC 2008 was a bad year for you'll see I lost someone very special to me Yoville to the rescue..this quiet little game made friends who understand all of my pain They all got me through it with comfort and care you can not find another game like it ANYWHERE!! Yo-Friends from all over the world are here to support me no matter what it does not matter if you are in a rut.. Through the years we had changes, some good and some bad.. Remember the baking in the factory we had? My imagination can just run wild in this game I can fly, I can bounce or just be lame.. Designing your home or bouncing around the possibilities are are not bound to Yoville... this is the game for me I let go and set my Avi free without judging, without fear I can be in my world which is so dear Now you tell me my Avi must die? No!! I will not just lie down and cry! I will fight with my friends to keep it alive to live on and thrive. Stand up you YoVillians..stand with me and fight we are not going down and turn of the light. Let our voices be heard all over the world Let’s keep this going..we will be heard!
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