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Default-user Andrew Mills
While a map might be fine and dandy for some, a real charm of the game was the fact that there are so many hidden areas. Now an auto-filling map is great, it might be a little complex for areas that are depth based like Blight Town. Also, not having a map made the messaging system much more viable, nobody seemed 'above' leaving a helpful tip about the unseen treasure on the ledge below the giant cliff. Plus, I feel it might be too advantageous for those willing to run along the walls in hopes of the map autofilling something unseen to the untrained eye.Not only that, but I always felt there was an unsung challenge in remember where the ledges were while backing away from an enemy while the camera is locked. As for ways to make the game perfect, I have a few opinions of my own, such as the ability to grab ledges if you 'slid' off due to the physics engine or if you walked slowly, being able to roll out of a lengthy spell or attack, having a smaller shield parry count as a light attack against smaller foes and possibly stagger them if it wasn't a riposte, rolling into foes has a similar effect to the front kick, and my personal 'want' for the game, is a weapon-based 'fatality' for certain foes/bosses while at extremely low health. There's always a sense of accomplishment when finally overcoming a boss in Dark Souls, but it would be nice if after the 90th death against the Capra Demon, you finally whittled it down to 2 HP, and were able to tear it to shreds with a overly fancy series of ballet moves using your Scimitar.
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