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Wow - I pretty much couldn't disagree more: It's popular to rip on Kinect, but the voice commands are fantastic - and hey, guess what? Some games are fun with it, and if they improve on it and do things like the IllumiRoom, then I'm all in. It's the FUTURE! I loved the idea they they pushed the envelop and brought out the whismy of the 6-year-old in me with full motion. Backwards compatibility - I would like to see XBLA stuff carry over, everything else really doesn't matter, upward and onward. It's a bullet-point, not something exercized often, and after 6 months into it's like - it's a mute point. Xbox360 has plenty of hardcore games, and gamers - this idea that they only do casual is dumb. Yes they want to broaden the appeal, and that's awesome! Do you really think we won't get core games? Third-parties will supply more than you can play in the consoles lifetime. I want them to go "full-on" entertainment box with it's features! Give me NFL coverage exclusively, give me apps that I can watch my favorite shows on, give me features that I haven't even thought of yet cause better minds are hard at work thinking of them! However - I do agree on bringing back Crimson Skies, what a cool game!
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