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correcting facts here, Mona Sax dies in max's arm in MP2.
Default-user Akshay Raj
Yeah old place to be here, but I couldn't resist dropping a "huh, what?" You talking about no tv shows? well pal go ahead and explore more coz looks like you didn't find a place to dodge shoot from a cover, poor gringo you here, I saw a full episode where they show how Fabiana gets "picked up" and max as " the baseball bat boy" tries saving her "being old". No continuity? even though Mona fell for him would you think that she could stay alive being "a female in his life" not settling in? like all max's titles especially in MP2 he says "every time my story begins with a woman's death" no woman can stay alive with him, it's his jinx that all ghetto smurfs try killing him but kill some else, clearly in flash back in a chapter (MP3) where Passos finds him in a bar drinking and back in max's house after the "bullet exchange" max clearly states that he lost family not once...Mona is dead only that R* guys didn't show it in intro (if you say that this statement means nothing then why the hell people and writer of Harry Potter cared to put details in dialogues of characters? the writer of MP3 wants to mention that Max lost wife, kid and Mona, 'm a decent writer myself and I did learn how to do characterization). About Brazil, yeah it could've been LA mobster's turf too, actually much better, but who gives a can dodge shot there too! Bad story line? that's how you see it, I liked how the story took me around places and max "sharing" his moments. Difficult to play too? well............if it was easier then you'd complain : it's easy to play. Now you'd say : how about medium difficulty? you played it, I played it as-well, u shoulda set the difficulty to easy already. Killing bad guys isn't a easy task brother. And I liked that atleast max wasn't left utmost alone. One last thing, some people thought that cut-scenes weren't skip-able but in my pc few seconds after a cut-scene starts, I used to get skip icon. That early? no I saw all of them.
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