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Default-user Aki
Psst, it's Sid Meier not Meir! Having said that, that's one awesome bundle I will grab once I'm back home.
Default-user Aki
Some gameplay footage would be nice, although I'm being catiously optimistic since Santa Monica is involved. The great human models aside, I really like the overall design of the game, it's nice to see something relatively fresh.
Default-user Aki
Lately I can't help but feel that games aren't as fun as they used to be for me; maybe it's because I got older and my mindset is different now. But when I clicked the "play" button of the video in this article, somewhere in the middle of it, I suddenly felt this chill running down my spine I remember well from my first playthrough of Icewind Dale 2. I still remember climbing the stairs from the docks to reach the upper part of Targos and letting my party just stand there while I was busy re-learning how to breathe when the bgm kicked in. I think that's what I miss in games these days - this sense of wonder that makes you want not to just play and finish the game, but simply take it easy and enjoy the little beautiful moments that make the game special. When I watched the video, I thought that maybe Banner Saga is one of these special games that could remind me how to enjoy my gaming experiences - and so here I am, signing in and posting this comment in hopes of wining a copy of it.
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