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bioniccat said:
I am still very emotionally attached to the Mass Effect trilogy and although I tried everything to forget about it, it keeps coming back to me. I...
I am so glad there are others who loved the universe and relationships as much as I did. When Shepherd died, I felt numb. Just saying goodbye to the crew was so hard. For several days I really just couldn't shake that feeling, even now the soundtrack still gets me. It's like there was a death in the family that I'm still mourning. More dramatically when Shepherd died it felt a little bit like something in me was dying, and I've never felt that way about any game before Mass Effect. But then no game gave you choices and decisions to shape your character's journey to the extent this game did, no game gave you a crew you had to invest emotionally in and work for, no game attempted the massive task of carrying your choices from game after game to this final game knowing full well that programming and keeping track of all that must have been a horror. No game has done what ME did, and no one has ever really had to end a trilogy with such unique features the way they had to end it. I could have never dreamed I would have become so attached to these fictional characters in this universe the way I did, I can imagine Bioware was surprised that they were so successful to the point of outcry. They were so successful people hate them now :P. Look up "Mass Effect - I miss you Shephard", it's the male shep, but for female gamers who played fem-shep the emotion is still there.
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