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Default-user 19TheMilkMan85
gwreck209 said:
josh Donaldson isn't listed for third base? 4 in mvp race but not top 9 for 3rd baseman?
I thought the same thing..Donaldson should be on that top 9 3B list. I believe he all around better then Pedro Alvarez
Default-user 19TheMilkMan85
Can we get a peak at a franchise fantasy draft posted??..I'm really interested in sein that
Default-user 19TheMilkMan85
I've been waiting for them to release the player ratings!!
Default-user 19TheMilkMan85
Andyrew1234 said:
miguel cabrera is not a first baseman
He got moved to 1st base when they traded Prince Fielder..they have a good prospect named Castellanos playing 3rd for them now
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