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Default-user 元気鳥 くん
smokeytheasshole said:
This isn't even a pet giveaway, it's a pet lottery, you have 10% of getting an actual pet LOL, stupid.
Default-user 元気鳥 くん
Aaron BLOOD said:
How many are they giving away cuz i heaven't even gotten my code on twitter yet ._.
the only good for the code is give you other items, and the pet is random so you can have ap capsule and pet i don't now, and say this for i redeem now my key
Default-user 元気鳥 くん
Andrrey D Garay said:
such a crappy event lol, 90% of the boxes dont give the actual pet.
is true, i reedem my key and don't give the pet and for that give me are ap capsule of 100
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