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ZombieSmash! HD Review


Just when you thought it was safe to come out of your cabin, the zombie apocalypse happens yet again and you and your mighty finger must save your farmstead from the onslaught of undead minions. ZombieSmash HD makes a debut on the iPad and with its larger real estate, proves that the bigger screen does make quite a difference.

In the vein of Knights OnRush and other similar defense titles, you are tasked with protecting your cabin for 31 days from a seemingly unending barrage of zombies. You do this by swiping your fingers across the screen, and tossing every zombie you can high in the sky until they fall to their inevitable doom and break apart into a mess of limbs. Different zombie variations will require different strategies. The slow moving ones won't pose much of a challenge, but the running zombie girls require immediate attention, as your cabin can't take much abuse. Huge, hulking zombies can't be picked up, but are disposed of with the many different items that can be picked up and utilized. Even zombies with handguns and helmets need to be dealt with accordingly, as they will do a lot of damage if left unchecked.

Various items randomly drop in each level and can only be used once until picked up again. These often ridiculous items range from hand grenades, landmines, a wrecking ball that sweeps the entire screen clean, a boulder that slowly crushes everything in its path, and even the windmill in the background can become a lethal weapon, as it separates itself and then slashes zombies to bits as it rolls out of the screen. The game also mixes it up with occasional shooting levels which disable the ability to pick up zombies, but let your finger become a laser sight and try to survive by getting as many headshots as possible.

While mindlessly swiping away zombies, collectible stars appear on screen which act as the games currency to upgrade every item, which essentially means they do more damage to a wider area of the screen, or also provide some additional defense to your cabin. The game does get progressively harder and the upgraded items are essential to survival.

The iPad seems like the perfect platform for this genre of games, as you're able to utilize more fingers on a much bigger screen, giving you more corpse clearing power. Still, be prepared to constantly do the same thing over and over every level. Rather than trying to complete it in one sitting, this is a game that begs to be enjoyed minutes at a time.

ZombieSmash HD doesn't revolutionize tower defense or zombie game, and won't likely pull you away from the juggernaut that is Plants vs. Zombies, but it does contain a satisfying dose of mayhem that will surely please players in need of some carnage.


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