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XLiveChat Dual Headset and Splitter - XB - Review

Xbox Live times 2!

When a friend comes over to play a game on Xbox live, a predicament occurs: who gets to use the headset to talk, while one person is left out in the cold? Playing without a headset is not as fun since you cannot participate with what is going on. The only way that you and a friend can play is if you both have an Xbox and a Live account. That isn’t very practical since you might be the only one of your friends that has one. So is the player with out an account going to be sitting in silence until they purchase one? Not if XLiveChat has anything to say about it, they have come up with a perfect alternative to help gamers everywhere and it is called the: “Dual Headset.”

The Dual Headset contains a splitter and a headset so two players can enjoy the full benefits of Xbox Live. The splitter is the key that unlocks this precious gift of sound and voice chat to the second player. You plug the splitter Xbox Live communicator, and then plug in two headsets in, it is as easy as that. Once plugged in, both players can enjoy the benefits of playing over Xbox live.

The quality of the headset that comes packaged with the splitter is not as high of a quality as the original Xbox Live Headset, but it will suffice. The original is built sturdier and the audio seems to be a bit clearer than the one that comes packaged.

One of the nice things about the entire package is the size of it. Anyone can carry the splitter in their pockets and take it to a friend’s house that might have Xbox Live. This is very convenient for anyone who owns it! One last thing that will amaze you is the price, only $19.95 for the splitter and headset!

What is not to like? You and a friend can fully enjoy all of the features of Xbox Live!

The only con is that this gifted gismo didn’t come out sooner!

Verdict: 9.6
This is one of the best accessories for the Xbox that you can have. For the first time you and a friend both play and talk during a game. Goto to purchase one today!

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