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Xiama - PC - Review

If you are into puzzles, have a great imagination, and really enjoy a challenge then look no further than Xiama.  Peter Hewitt has written and produced Xiama based on a trip he took through one of Australia's National Parks and has used photographs taken there as the basis of this game.

Xiama is a very different computer adventure game!  The puzzling aspects of the game begin as soon as you begin playing so it is a very good idea to explore the CD menu prior to starting.  The section called "I want to know everything about Xiama" will give you a rundown on how the game was made and how to play it.  If you are having problems running the CD, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section.  You can meet the man who created Xiama by reading the section entitled Peter Hewitt.

Xiama is packed full of breathtaking photos of the Australian Rainforest!  Playing the game is like taking a pictorial trip through this awesome park yourself.  The sound effects will draw you even deeper into the adventure itself.

There are 24 puzzles in all, ranging from very easy to very challenging.  An older child, perhaps 10 and up, can play some of the easier puzzles but might have trouble with the more challenging ones.  You can wander wherever you like and most puzzles can be done in any order.  Just follow the arrows to find new areas to explore.

Several players can play individually and can save their progress in their own book.  Check out how to do this in the Frequently Asked Questions section on the CD.  This save option allows for very enjoyable competitive gameplay.

Xiama has been designed for Windows 95/98/00 and requires a PC capable of running DirectX 6 or later.  The game can be played from the CD.  Installing the game on your hard drive will require 112MB of free disk space.  The web site for Xiama and Peter Hewitt has been saved on the CD itself or you can visit for more information.


Install: Easy.  
Xiama can also be played from the CD.

Gameplay:  8.0. 
Movement from scene to scene is easy and smoothly done for the most part.

Graphics:  9.5.  
This is an area in which Xiama really shines!  The photos are breathtaking!

Sound:  9.0.  
The sound effects are very good and enhance gameplay greatly.  The music is rather light classical and easy on the ear as well.

Difficulty:  9.5.  
There are some puzzles which are quite easy but some really present a challenge!  This is not a game for younger children but an older child of 10 or up would still be able to play and rack up an impressive score.

Concept:  9.0.  
The photos are simply awesome and will appeal to puzzle lovers immensely.  Xiama is not the run of the mill software and will only truly be appreciated by those who love puzzles and a challenge.

Multiplayer: N/A  
(Please note that several people can play Xiama but only one at a time.  There are save features for more than one player.)

Overall:  8.0.  
As a puzzle lover and one who really enjoys a challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed Xiama.  This is not a game that will appeal to everyone, however.  As a player, I was happy to find that the game played very well on my PC.  As a reviewer, I would have preferred if the system requirements were more clearly defined as I believe some players will find the lack of system information confusing.


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