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Xenoblade Chronicles X Review


If there are two things that are quite well known regarding Nintendo, is that they either like to play it safe with their core franchises like Mario, Pokemon and Zelda, or in the case of franchises like F-Zero or Metroid, abandon them completely. With the exception of their hardware, Nintendo aren't the biggest risk takers in the business, and while some of their franchises do indeed innovate such as Super Mario Sunshine or the two Galaxy games, it's not long before we're back to the standard platformer mechanics in games like Super Mario 3D World.

In 2011, fans banded together and created a campaign to persuade Nintendo to release a trio of Japanese games in the West, and not long after, Nintendo actually gave in. The first game to be released, which was arguably the best one, was Xenoblade Chronicles, an RPG of grand proportions. I still remember gushing over size of Gaur Plains when I first entered that zone, or seeing the other continent (which happened to be a giant robot) in certain locations. For the Wii, this was a very impressive game. Never did I think we'll be getting a sequel.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a sequel in name and mechanics only though, as the story here is completely removed from the first game. However, once again, it managed to impress me with its grand scope, five giant continents to fully explore, fun combat system and engaging storyline.

I don't usually recommend buying a console for a video game, and when I do, the core game has to be so stellar, so addicting, that the thought of not having the console to play it would drive you mad. I didn't say that for Rise of the Tomb Raider. I am, however, saying it for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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