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XCOM: Enemy Unknown video review

Check out GameZone's official video review for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the turn based strategy, tactics game which puts you, the player, at the helm of one of the biggest Earth defense agencies, as you try your hand at preventing total annihilation at the hands of the alien threat.

Does the game deliver on all fronts, or is the alien threat too much to bear?

Threatened by an unknown enemy, the Earth's governments unite to form a secret paramilitary organization, known as XCOM, to combat this extraterrestrial attack. As the commander of XCOM, you control the global defense team and its resources in a battle against the terrifying alien invasion. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reimagining of X-COM, the classic strategy game from 1993, and developed by the award-winning creators of Civilization. You will control the fate of the human race by creating and managing a fully operational base, researching alien technologies, planning combat missions, and controlling soldier movement in battle.

For our full written review, you can head on over to this link.


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