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WWE 2K16 Review

The people’s champ?

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WWE 2K16 Review

The Verdict

Is WWE 2K16 a perfect game? By all means, no. But my god is it light years ahead of where the franchise was last year. What we have in 2K16 is a wrestling game that feels like a wrestling game. It has everything you could want -- your favorite wrestlers, a vastly improved MyCareer, tons of match types, a reworked reversal system, and matches that play out with drama and intensity.

I can look past the things that annoyed me and see that a ton of effort was put in to get this game where it is, and it’s a game that fans of wrestling, and the franchise, will appreciate. If you’ve loved WWE 2K games in the past, or even miss the N64 days, give WWE 2K16 a go.

WWE 2K16 was reviewed using a provided review code on PS4.
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