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WWE 2K16 Review

The people’s champ?

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WWE 2K16 Review

The Positives

  • As a fan of wrestling back in the day, I’m thrilled that WWE 2K16 features the largest roster ever. There are over 120 characters, from Stone Cold Steve Austin and Daniel Bryan, to Eva Marie and Adrian Neville. Almost everyone you could possibly want to play as is there.

  • The reworked reversal system will be loved by most, hated by some. It is a limited resource that slowly regenerates, so you’ll have to decide when you want to use a reversal to escape a hairy situation. Different wrestlers have a different amount of reversals.

  • Presentation is big plus this year. While some wrestlers don’t look exactly like their real-life counterparts, most of them do. The music is awesome, the ring entrances are spot on, and the load times between entrances are non-existent.

  • The MyCareer mode is a huge upgrade over last year, mostly because it actually feels like a career that you have control over. Your career now spans multiple years instead of ending after one WrestleMania appearance. I also love how you gain allies and rivals, using opportunities like pre-match run-ins on the ramp. You can also choose which belt you’d prefer to fight for.

  • The creation suite is unreal. You can create a wrestler or diva, with tons of options to choose from (it can take a while), a championship and belt, an arena, an entrance and a show.

  • As a fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the 2K Showcase is one of my favorite features. It’s like a trip down memory lane as you compete in some of Stone Cold’s most famous matches, with requirements that want you to recreate how the match went down.

  • As much as some of the reversals and animations bothered me, this game plays like a wrestling sim. Matches play out like they would on television, with two groggy wrestlers standing up at the same moment, or that well-timed reversal on a finisher leading to a pin. Oh and those pesky managers -- just get near their side of the ring and they’ll distract you just like in real life.

  • WWE 2K16 shines the most when playing against other people. Suddenly, you’re so wrapped up in how much fun you’re having that the little bugs and glitches don’t bother you as much. You also don’t have to worry about annoying AI at that point. And there’s so many freakin’ match types and wrestlers that you’ll never get bored.

WWE 2K16 Review

The Negatives

  • Play-by-play commentary is boring and repetitive, and there’s a lack of excitement to the moves you’re pulling off in the ring.

  • I found the actual wrestling to be a bit hit-or-miss, especially against AI opponents. I encountered a lot of instances of my wrestler or opponent flashing from laying on the mat to standing in a hold, depending on the move performed. There was also some noticeable input lag at times.  

  • I said in the Positives that reversals will be loved by most. It lands in a gray area for me. I don’t exactly like being reliant on reversals as your only defense. Most matches turned out to just be won by whoever had the most reversals saved up. The timing of the reversals also seemed off to me. Sometimes it would flash green that I hit the reversal at the right time, but I would fail it instead. The timing is really finicky also, and even after hours put into the game, reversals can still be tricky.

  • The MyCareer mode took too long to progress from NXT. I was bored of fighting the same couple of wrestlers over and over. Another problem I had with the career mode was the woman on camera that would ask you the questions. It ended up after like 20 matches being mostly the same question, and there’s only so many times that I can be asked if my wrestler play WWE video games.

  • Most basic matches come down to a formula to win, usually two signatures, two finishers, pin.

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