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Worms World Party - DC - Review

Worms World Party is just one in a series of well known and well played games featuring what else..worms. As I have played all so far, I probably tend to be a little more critical than if this was my initial introduction to the worms and their antics. I will say that the game while unique in its own way does not really add a lot of additional features than Worms Armageddon. This said, there are some points that I can point out that makes this game enjoyable and still provide plenty of hours good fun gameplay.

Now those of you who have played any of the Worms games previously, bear with me as I am going to write this as if the reader had not played before and will also add comments for those who have played and are wondering if this is worth the money or not.

Worms is not just a game about those slimy things on the end of a hook just begging for some flounder to take them away. These worms are rough and ready. Ready to take other worms apart weaponry wise. You will be given an arsenal to choose from and each individual piece will have its own unique capability. I for one enjoy the blowtorch. It seems to carry the most distance of annihilation and when it fires the enemy is nothing more than what you might see in the compost heap. There are also super bombs, which can carry the day as well as the conventional machine gun.

The premise of the game is pretty much seek and destroy although it adds something a lot of similar games don’t..humor. From the moment you play you will find that humor is rampant in the game which really tones down the death and destruction element to just some hours of fun. This allows the game to be played by younger ages and relieves the violent content to a minimum. On the other hand, tried and true destruction gamers may find it a little too tame for their taste. I have to say though, that if you have never tried a Worm game before, you may find it a lot more fun than you anticipated, so don’t be misled by the idea that these are harmless creatures of the dirt, but also hardened fighters ready for a challenge.

Install: Easy
Normal installation for Dreamcast

Gameplay: 7.9
I am basing my rating on the game in comparison to its predecessors. As it is a sequel I want to fairly review it for those who have played others. It can afford hours of fun gameplay, but is really nothing new when compared to the other Worm games. On the other hand, if it is your first go round with them, then it promises to be hours of fun and enchantment.

Graphics: 8.1
Like all of the other Worm games, they have not scrimped on the cost when it comes to the graphics. The worms are perfectly drawn as any Saturday morning cartoon characters. The firepower, while not as bright as it could be, still lends enough realism to give you feel of a powerful blast.

Sound: 7.8
The sound is pretty much dialogue and while always audible, it is pretty much standard conversation. Their victory calls are hilarious and the sounds of destruction are good and consistent.

Difficulty: 7.8
The difficulty will strictly depend on if you are a newbie to the series or if you have already played any of the others. If you are just coming back after Armageddon you may find it disappointing as they just have not added a lot of new and exciting additions. If you are brand new to the members of the worm gang, then you will find a completely different slant. It does afford some fun hours of gameplay, and does it in a lighthearted manner. All in all, it is fun and at times challenging.

Concept: 7.8
This follows the tried and true line em up, take em out genre. It does it though in a different way than most of the games of the same genre, it adds humor and a sense of laughing at itself while it does it.

Multiplayer: N/A

Overall: 8.1
I am giving it this rating as while it may not have added a lot of new play to it, it still has the consistency of the games which have followed. This cannot be said other games which keep coming out with the same characters and basically the same mode of gameplay. If you have Armageddon, then you might want to wait till the next installment of the Worms series and if you have none of the Worms games, then I can highly recommend this one as a way to get your feet wet!



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