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Wicked Audio Reverb Review: Stellar sound at an affordable price

Wicked Audio Reverb

It's funny, the Wicked Audio Reverb headphones I've been using for nearly 7 months now have become so second nature to my daily routine that it completely slipped my mind to write up my final thoughts on them. That they've been so heavily used on a daily basis shows just how good these affordable headphones are.

It's not common that we review headphones as opposed to headsets, because gamers usually require the inclusion of a microphone to be able to communicate with their teammates. While the Reverb certainly lacks any sort of communication device, its combined level of comfort and sound quality impresses me, especially considering the cost, which is but a fraction of what you'd pay for standard headsets on the market.

I'm not saying that you'll achieve the audio bliss you would from headsets like the Hyper X Cloud from Kingston or the V-Moda Crossfades, but I can say that the bass levels, for example, are impressive, far beyond what standard headphones should be able to do. I've used the Reverb for everything from listening to music to plugging them into the PS4 controller to PC gaming, and it performed exceptionally well in every situation. Of course, since they're just headphones without all the fancy attachments, you can't play around with levels and balances. Still, the sound output is mixed so well, with just the right amount of bass, that you won't really feel the need to do that.

As for comfort, Reverbs are over-the-ears headphones, with comfortable padding that never squeezes your ears too hard. I never found myself sweating from excessive use, nor felt any discomfort. That's easily one of the most important aspects for me personally. Having used many headsets before, there are a few that tend to cause slight discomfort due to their increased pressure on the ears. The Reverb doesn't suffer from this whatsoever.

If there is one complaint I have, though mostly irrelevant given the price tag, it's the build of the headphones. I dig that they're light, as that's partly what makes them so comfortable to wear, but there is such a thing as too light. I'm afraid to stow them away in my backpack because I fear they might snap in half. If you get a pair, handle with care.

It's hard not to recommend the Wicked Audio Reverb, especially since it goes for a mere $15 on Amazon. The great audio quality and comfort you're getting is well worth the price. If you're not the type that requires a microphone on your headphones, or just want a pair to use for portable gaming, it would be foolish to look at anything but Reverbs.

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